60 degrees north to the north poleand 60 degrees south to the south pole

High Latitude Climates
  • mostly in high latitudes like north and south pole.
  • climate is severely cold.
  • North pole and South Pole
  • generally cold climates
  • Subarctic and Mid- Latitude
  • found in antartica, greenland, russia, canada, alaska, finland, norway, Cape of Good hope
  • lichens only plant (which is a fungus thing

Subarctic Climate
-high latitudes near the mid-latitude zone
-cold, bitter winters
-above freezing in the summer
- rise above freezing during the summer

-closer to the pole vast rolling plains harsh dry plains
-coldly harsh and dry
-soil- permafrost

Ice cap
- antartica greenland bitterly below freezing lichens
- negative 128 degrees