*Mid Latitude is found 23.5 N- 60 N
Mid-Latitude contains:
-Marine West Coast Climate
Winters: rainy and mild
Summers: cool
Vegitiation: deciduous tree, cedat, fir, and redwood
called moderate climate
found in the north and south hemispheres
most people live in this climate
many costal climates

Winters: rainy and mild
Summers: hot and dry
Vegitation: shrubs, evergreens, and short trees

-Humid Contenental
Winters: long, cold, snowy
Summers: short, very hot
Vegitation: forest, and flourished and vast grasslands

-Humid Sub-Tropical
rain falls all year, mostly during summer
Winters: short, mild
Summers:hot, humid
Vegitation: trees (oak, magnolia, palms)

23.5-60 north and south
-variety from mix of air masses
-marine west coast climate- from ocean- winters rainy mild, summers cool, deciduous tress- heavy rain, ceder, evergreens
- mediteranian climate-- similar to climate found by meditaranean see, mild rainy winters, hot dry summers