• Gets it name from the tropics

- Along equator in Latin America, Africa, India, and Indonesia
- warm weather year round
- It stretches from the equator to the tropic of cancer and to the tropic of Capricorn
- Two tropical climate groups
-warm weather all year long

1.) Tropical Rainforest
- wet in most months (year round rain)
- lush vegitation and thick rainforest
- home to many plants and animals
- Canopy- top layer of the forest
- Amazon Basin in South America is world's largest rainforest area
- Canopy so thick that little sunlight reaches forest floor
- two seasons: wet and dry
- variety of animals
2.) Savannas
- wet season and then the rest of the year is hot and dry
- Savannas have broad grasslands with a few trees
- can be found in middle america, south america, africa, south asia, and northern australia
*BRAZIL-lots of savanna